Terms and Conditions

1. booking confirmation and 1st payment (deposit/ security)
The booking is considered binding when the booking confirmation signed by both parties signed by both parties, including the down payment of up to of up to 30% of the total price is received by the landlord.
2. Payment
At the holiday resort in Bonita Springs, the total rental price incl. State tax and the final cleaning as well as the tourist tax in US Dollars. The property manager, currently Mrs. Rosi Froschauer, is authorised to collect. Mrs. Rosi Froschauer. The deposit paid is converted into US Dollars payment of the rental fee in the USA into a deposit and an advance payment for the use of the telephone. The holiday guest holiday guest is entitled to a refund of unused portions of the from telephone charges and deposit.
3. Rebooking
A rebooking up to 8 weeks before departure costs 100 EURO, provided that the rebooking is possible for scheduling reasons.
In case of cancellation within the first 4 weeks after booking until 6 weeks prior to departure, up to 15 % of the travel costs (1/2 If cancellation is made within 6 weeks prior to departure, up to up to 30 % of the travel costs (full deposit) will be retained. We recommend travel cancellation insurance.
5. Early departure
In the event of early departure, for whatever reason, there shall be no claim for payment of the remaining rental period.
6. Theft
The tenant is obliged to properly lock the holiday home during his the holiday home during his absence. He is liable for theft and damage if he fails to do so. The holiday home owners do not accept any liability for damage in the event of break-ins and / or for damage caused by burglary and / or theft. thefts.
7. Occupancy of the houses
The rented accommodation may not be occupied by more people than the number number of persons stated in the booking confirmation. Non-compliance may result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement without entitlement to a refund of the rent. Excess persons must leave the accommodation immediately and permanently.
8. Cleaning
The house will be cleaned after handover. The cost for the final cleaning is $150. Prior to this, the house must be swept clean by the tenant. Existing dishes must be cleaned and put away. put away
9. Pool
The cleaning of the pools belonging to the private residences is carried out regularly.
In any case, the use of the swimming pool is at your own risk. Parents look after their children.
10. Landline + internet
In the house there is a telephone set and a DSL internet connection with WLAN. The units consumed for telephone calls, as well as a pro rata charge for the basic fee ( approx. ( approx. US$ 8 / week ) will be charged on site. If the not yet available at the time of your departure, it will be provided later. will be sent to you at a later date. Internet can be booked for US$ 15 / week can be booked.
11. Electricity, water, heating, air conditioning
The costs for electricity, water, heating and air conditioning are included in the price. are included in the price, and it is assumed that these will be used sparingly. In the event of overcharging, the on-site supervisor or or the owner can charge a reasonable amount afterwards. charge.
12. Appliances
All appliances, especially refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, cookers, etc. are provided to the tenant, but are not part of the not part of the tenancy agreement. Any responsibility for accidents caused by improper handling is rejected. In the event of equipment failure we will endeavour to repair or replace the equipment as quickly as possible. There is no entitlement to a reduction in rent, in whatever form.
13. Liability
The liability of the hirer is limited to twice the rental price. limited.
14. Disclaimers
If the holiday accommodation becomes uninhabitable due to storms, riots or other cases of the holiday accommodation becomes uninhabitable, the liability of the liability of the landlord shall be limited to the repayment of the rental price the duration of the uninhabitability, but not more than the rent the rent paid up to that point. Further claims, in particular Claims for damages due to health impairments, damage to items brought along or due to other difficulties are or due to other difficulties are excluded.
15. Legal requirements
Should individual provisions of the rental contract or the tenancy agreement be invalid due to statutory provisions, this shall concern only the relevant clause and not the rental agreement as a whole. The invalid point is in this case replaced by the statutory provisions of the BGB. The place of jurisdiction is Cologne.
16. Prices
With the publication of new prices all current conditions lose their validity.